menschForce Members Career Institutions

The Admissions and Program Copletion Process

Admission and Completion of Programs under membership Career College is done in 10 Simple Steps.

Submit an Application with a small fee    

Pls send an email to The committee will schedule the counseling session.

After the Counseling session is done, you shall decide and enroll in the program. Send an email to

The enrollment fee is $299. Non-Refundable. This is to guarantee your admission and preparations for your enrollment.  

Start Initiating discussions with menschForce Finance Committee at

Follow the schedules carefully and be in touch with your program coordinator to attend both in-person and remote classes.

You shall be given a course completion certificate for every course subject within the program

The Key to the Success of Education progress is to get a gainful contract or full-time engagement. So, all menschforce committees will be working with you to get the best engagement position globally.